The beginning of spring beginning of spring principles of health and health "five tactics"

What are the principles of health?The beginning of spring is one round solar terms in our country, but also the health of a good time, then you know what the principles of the health of the beginning of spring it?Following small for everyone with the principles of what health really the beginning of spring。 1 principle of the beginning of spring regimen to prevent relapse ancient proverb: "Herbs back to the bud, germination old disease。 "After the beginning of spring is Visible-prone season。 Spring has frequently occurring ,, meningitis, measles, mumps, allergic asthma, myocardial infarction, etc.。 So for patients with hepatitis, allergic asthma, myocardial infarction pay special attention to the prevention nursed back to health。 2, do not prematurely cut clothes "Spring unabated clothes, autumn is not wearing a hat."。
Yet the beginning of spring temperatures warm, winter clothes do not prematurely lose。
Wearing a winter coat months, body heat production and heat regulation of the ambient temperature in winter in a relatively balanced state。
From the winter into early spring turns warm again, temperature changes and large, winter clothes prematurely lose, once the temperature drops, it is difficult to adapt, make the body defenses are weakened。
Cheng Xu germs attack the body, it is apt to cause a variety of respiratory diseases and infectious diseases in winter and spring。
The principle of the beginning of spring regimen 3, the next day hair hundred "health," said: "Spring in March, under two hundred hair every morning."。
Spring hair every day is a good way。 Because natural spring ascending yang initiation season, when the body yang also conform to the natural, outwardly upwardly ascending characteristics, so hair spring, is in line with this requirement, there is hysteresis Xuanxing Yu, Lee gas Shu blood, accessible yang the important role。

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