Consulate General of Japan in the body of a man found hanged in Busan in South Korea has died 17 days

Japanese consulate in Busan, South Korea recently, within the Japanese consulate warehouse in Busan, South Korea found a body of a man。
It is reported that the man, 63, was found dead on the Department hanged。 Police speculated that the man had died 17 days。   According to Yonhap reported 1, 2009, the eastern part of Busan police station that day, at 13:35 on January 31, the Japanese consular staff in the sorting warehouse, accidentally discovered after the death of a hanged man, reported to the police。   Local police surveillance video from the consulate to get the display, the deceased had riots on January 12 at the Japanese Consulate indoor and books have been stopped, and then he jumped over the wall, broke into the consulate。
  Police said an autopsy will be conducted to identify the cause of death of the deceased, will also investigate the reasons for its repeated attempts to break into the consulate。   It reported that after the man divorced 20 years ago, they cut off contact with his family。
Since then has been living in the Examination Yuan (South Korea one kind of small room, designed to provide for the people prepare for the exam), there is no fixed working。   Korean media, "Central Daily" said, for the matter, said the Japanese consulate aspects inconvenient to reply。 (Compiler / Overseas Network Liu Qiang)。

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