Prune Prune Paojiu how do Paojiu effectiveness

Prune Prune Paojiu how to do not only edible, but also can be used to sparkling wine, sparkling wine and efficacy of dates, but also a lot of oh!So, dates Paojiu how to do it on the following dates, together with the small series to see how to do it Paojiu。 Prune Paojiu how do practice a material: dates, sugar and wine。 Method: Prune dry cleaned, into the container, add sugar, wine pour Huadiao, covered with a sealing cap, the discharge shade。
About 7 days to open the drink, soak as long as possible, soak a couple of months, the wine will be a little sticky, very mellow。
Production techniques: 1, before the first dust Prune bubble wash, washed with water, it must be dry。
If you hurry bubble, then teach you a way to wash with cheap cooking wine, so do not be directly dry bubble, I was doing。
2, my family no one to drink, so I soak the amount is very small, you can gain a lot of bubbles。 Here the ratio of Rice Wine and Prune I used is 1: 1, this ratio is not constant, can reduce the amount of bubbles plurality of dates,。 Prune Paojiu how to do 3, the amount of crystal sugar free, like to drink dessert can put more points, I do not like sweet put less points。 Here is the role of sugar Yin lungs, only cough, sore throat treatment, also replenishing the gas。 You can also use sugar instead of sugar, sugar, sweet and warm, warm stomach, dispels wind and cold, blood swelling, Shujin, liver pain relief。

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