Chinese medicine to help men nocturnal emission how do you cure nocturnal emission

How do men nocturnal emission is a situation unique to male friends, especially for young people is a relatively normal phenomenon。
However, if the frequent nocturnal emission, then it needs attention, the body may be the emergence of a strange。
So in the end man nocturnal emission how to do it the following small series to tell us something about how to do a man nocturnal emission, wet dream Chinese medicine to help cure you!Chinese medicine treatment nocturnal emission (a), Jun Huo phase Treatment Act soothe the nerves, nourishing yin。
Recipe Qingxinyin pulp capping engagement with God Save danga。
Fang berberine diarrhea Firelight; habitat Ziyinqingre; Yin dryness; Semen, Polygalaceae, Anshen; aspartame, Shigemi nourishing yin; ginseng, Ning Xinyi gas; Huangbo Jian Yin purging fire, so Firelight so clear, with fire was falling, Yin Deren, since the only emission。 If frequent nocturnal emission, distraught, could add keel, oysters, both rather heart Sadashi, but also convergence astringent fine。 You can also use Guizhi keel oyster soup or decoction plus keel oyster。 In terms of wang-based, you could use or Dabuyin Pill。 (Two), partial anger Wang Treatment Act Liver Xiehuo。 Prescription Long Dan Xie Gan addition and subtraction or of liver fried。 Gentian, gardenia, skullcap clear diarrhea anger; Bupleurum Shugan stagnation; Angelica, habitat nourish the liver blood; Alisma ,, Akebia fire down and diarrhea liver heat。
(C), the damp heat and dampness Treatment。 Recipe castor seed distinguish drink or eight subtraction are scattered。 Castor seed, Alisma through the hot and humid; Huang Boqing wet heat bath, three drugs good coke down to the lower coke heat mainly clearance; Poria, spleen dampness, to Du wet source。
If the liver and gallbladder damp heat can also be somewhat Sichuan Traditional。 This type of emission hanged up the goods astringent。
Man nocturnal emission how to do (four), the Spleen is not taken Treatment Spleen Qi, photo fine just left。 Recipe Miaoxiang Powder amphibious two or elixir subtraction Buzhongyiqitang。 Fang ginseng, Qi and spleen spermatogenic;, Poria fill in the spleen, and in nerves; Polygala, cinnabar pure heart Tiaoshen; woody gas; or clear;, fine just left camera laevigata。 In terms of available gas settlement based subtraction Buzhongyiqitang。
(V), the kidney is not solid evidence。

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