After dinner, do not do these two things (1)

  Dinner is the closest sleep a meal, it is generally recommended that dinner should not be excessive intake of calories, as activities after dinner than smaller, easy to hoard calories, and not conducive to digestion。
Meanwhile, after dinner if you do these two things, and may even have a serious impact on your health。
  After dinner, do not drink plenty of water, soup, a drink after dinner drink we often do, include soup, drink, etc., all belong to the category of water。
After dinner usually do not have too much exercise, if you eat more saturated, it is easy occurrence of indigestion。Stomach after eating will be a lot of gastric acid secretion, and immediately after dinner drink will be a certain degree of dilute acid, in particular, drink plenty of soup must be avoided。  Also immediately after dinner drink will cause some already relatively thin foods, such as porridge, rice cereal, and so premature to skip the stomach to digest, easy for you to quickly produce the feeling of hunger, which is for people to lose weight also a disadvantage。
  The correct approach is: a half hour to an hour after a meal and then drink plenty of water or other food to digest almost to drink water again。
We also need to note that evening soup and sugary drinks give the body increased too much energy, should be avoided。
  After dinner do not immediately movement of so-called dinner do not immediately movement refers to the strenuous exercise, such as running, jumping rope, playing sports is not suitable to do immediately after a meal of。After dinner blood concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract, and vigorous exercise meal will cause the blood flow of the limbs more influence stomach digestion and intestinal absorption。  In addition, if after dinner vigorous exercise, is likely to stretch the stomach, causing stomach cramps, bloating, may also increase the likelihood of Gastroptosia。Especially stomach should not have good friends, be sure to avoid strenuous exercise immediately dinner。
The correct approach is: after a meal half an hour to an hour and then compare the ease of movement, such as walking, yoga and so on, if you want to strenuous exercise, then we have to wait after the completion of basic food digestion。In addition, if the movement, nerve in the excited state, it is best to sleep again in one hour。
  Do not eat dinner really okay?  Do not eat dinner appears to be a help to lose weight the healthy behavior, in fact, not everyone is suitable。
  If you are a long body of adolescents who do not eat dinner, it can lead to long-term blood sugar is low, not only poor mental impact study, the long-term may also affect brain function。  If you have to work at night and overtime people, more should eat dinner, or certainly will affect the work efficiency, low blood sugar and even lead to dizziness, headache。
  Stomach bad people should not refuse dinner, eat dinner may cause long-term lack of gastric motility, excessive gastric acid secretion, and then induced gastritis。

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