Those two guards were obviously completely relieved of the hostages under their care,The two of them are chatting happily,I didn’t pay attention to the old Wu and the couple who were talking。

“The special forces to save you have arrived,Don’t worry,Wait quietly,and also,Which house do you usually live in?”
I don’t see anyone around me noticing myself,Lao Wu immediately said to the middle-aged couple in a very low voice。
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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Five Bold action plan
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Bold action plan
The couple immediately looked at Old Wu in surprise,Seems to be unbelievable at the sudden change in front of you。
“Hurry up。I’m here to find out your situation。”
Old Wu draws fruits in his hand,What I said was nothing to do with fruit。
“Oh……Do you see the stone house over there??We just sleep there,There are two sentry guards at the door every day,But in this yard,We are free。”
It was the wife who reacted first,And immediately answered Lao Wu in a low voice,At the same time quietly pointed to the house where I lived。
“it is good,I know,Now you guys have to stay calm,Don’t fight against them,Waiting for the action of special forces。”
Lao Wu finished,Stuffed the fruit in the hand into the wife’s arms,I went to work by the car again。