This makes the smile on his face even brighter。

Look at the stands“Come on Xiaoyu”Slogan,My eyes are softer。
at last,I want to have a female fan group that belongs to me!
Hu Lai’s goal opened the door to victory for Dongchuan Middle School。
Xia Xiaoyu scored a goal with a long shot in the second half,Rewrite the score as2:0。
In the end, Dongchuan Middle School defeated No. 13 Middle School with this score.,Successfully defended the Anton Cup champion and also qualified for the second national competition。
After the award ceremony,You don’t need to go to Hu Lai again this time,Hu Lai and Yan Yan were already sandwiching the trophy on the left and right.,And behind them and on both sides,All the players from Dongchuan Middle School。
They surrounded the trophy,Completed the championship family portrait。
On the high-speed train returning from Jincheng to Dongchuan,Li Ziqiang came to Hu Lai’s side,Ask him:“Do you still need me to bring your clothes back this time?”
Hu Lai was taken aback,Nodded quickly:“Need need,coach。You can keep this for me temporarily too……”
Finished,He put his golden boot trophy into his sports backpack,Handed it to the head coach。
Looking down at the backpack in his hand,Li Ziqiang asked:“Your dad still won’t let you play?”
Hu Lai smiled embarrassedly:“I told him that I was out today to celebrate my classmate’s birthday……”
“You do have talent,Also proved that I can go this way。”