[How to make Orleans bbq pizza]_Home cooking of Orleans pizza

[How to make Orleans bbq pizza]_Home cooking of Orleans pizza

The eleventh holiday has entered the countdown phase. You, who have been sealed for a long time, must have planned to go out and play.

When you go out and play, you must have tasted the local cuisine.

But if you are not convinced, it will be very uncomfortable.

Therefore, you’d better take it out at home.

Let me introduce you to Orleans barbecue pizza.


Boil the yeast with warm water, prepare the flour, add a spoonful of salt, and a spoonful of sugar, and use the prepared yeast water to form a soft and hard dough.


Put the prepared dough into a stainless steel bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment for two hours in the oven until the pair of dough is large.


Leavened dough.


The fermented dough is so large that it starts to blow out air bubbles.

Then roll it into a pizza pan and spread it on the pizza pan.


Brush the ketchup with a good noodle and bake in the oven for 5 minutes.


Tenderloin slices are marinated for 30 minutes.


Diced green peppers, red peppers, and onions.


Put flour in the pan and fry the cured tenderloin.


Bake the pasta with a small amount of cheese, add diced vegetables, and add the fried tenderloin.


Finally add a little more cheese, preheat the oven and bake at 200 ° for 20 minutes.

Well, Orleans BBQ Pizza will be introduced here for you. Everyone hurry up to prepare the ingredients and make it according to Xiaobian’s method!

Don’t worry, it will definitely satisfy your family!