Qin Liang continued to answer with a bitter face。

“Since vice,Are you as of!I just played with you a little bit,So you couldn’t get off stage,You really care about us both!”
The more Liu Xiaoyun listens to Qin Liang’s words, the less unpleasant he is,So I couldn’t help but frowned and said to Qin Liang……
Said by Liu Xiaoyun,Qin Liang suddenly didn’t know what to do!What makes him depressed is;How to fix it,The one being teased is him,The person who made the mistake in the end was actually him!
This is kind of magic!Are these two girls so superb?Here for the two of them“effort”Also quite remarkable!
“Speak, brother-in-law。”
Liu Xiaoyun just arrived,Shen Ruoxue is starting to act like a baby again……Okay,This is a typical combination of soft and hard,The two little witches cooperate perfectly,Tacit understanding!
“What do you want me to say?I said nothing is right,Say everything is wrong,Can i apply for silence。”
Qin Liang is so cowardly that he can no longer counsel……
“Can’t!If you don’t speak, you are angry,It means you have started to hate us both。”
Shen Ruoxue replied confidently。
“……You two just kill me!”