“The defense is really good,That yellow-skinned kid is almost out of breath!”

Next is the highlight time for Smart。
“Are you predicting the top four?。”Xu Xuan shook his head secretly,not simple!
However, he has four talents,It’s impossible to press him down!
Xu Xuan still made time to hit a three-pointer and pass two assists!
At last,Xu Xuan’s data is locked in10Minute、8Assist!
Capella12Minute,This guy scores all dunks。
Smart sent6Minute、6Assist、2Steal、1Cap,But he still has4Mistakes,Including3First time10Minute。
Team Xu Xuan still won,But everyone left more praise and appreciation to Smart。
“Hey,Buddy ignore him。”After this game, Capela actually changed faces with Xu Xuan,The two walked into the locker room while chatting。
“He just blown it out,Not me,He is definitely not as good as you,Buddy!”Capella said with a smile。
“Thanks,You too!”Do business talk to each other?,Xu Xuan is quite good at this operation。
And at this moment,Carson has long been surrounded by reporters from China。
Although Xu Xuan’s performance was a bit suppressed by Smart,But the overall performance is definitely not bad!
Think about it,Smart is a rookie predicting the top four,Isn’t it natural to suppress Xu Xuan??