She said so,The old father was immediately at ease。
With such a beginning,Good news keeps coming。
Since the emerald has appeared,So it’s not suitable to use a big stone machine。
The master pushed away the big machine,I picked up a small calcite machine,Polish it slowly。
obviously,The cross section of this jade is not small,He grinds two full palms,The stone layer appeared around。
And Mu Guishu can tell at a glance,Although jade has not reached the point of emerald,But definitely better than Yang Qiao Lv,Is already the standard of brilliant green。
This brilliant green,The green is very mellow and orthodox,No matter what era,Are in line with people’s aesthetics。
Even very thin,If you make a jade card,The value can be tens of millions。
If it gets deeper,Can get2Cm,I can dig out three bracelets,That can be sold at least2000More than ten thousand。
Do some jade carvings for the rest、Pendant、Earrings or something,Price is indispensable1000Ten thousand。
at this time,Everyone downstairs heard the news and rushed up。
I saw this brilliant green jade,The person who just participated in the auction,I stomped my feet directly。
I knew there would be one or two million more,Isn’t such a good jade his own??
it’s good now,Can only watch others get rich。