Below everyone is overwhelmed by the soldiers。

Especially Jiang Luo Shen,The situation is very urgent。 but,On his way,But I found a strange thing.。
Almost everyone is divided into,Everyone faces three to four soldiers alone.。
You can only have some things that are in the Chushan River.。
Those soldiers have to him……It seems a trick?
I will bypass him.,No active attack。
“Chu……Do you have anything to find?!”
Summer is drinking,Subsequently slow down self gravity,Foot void,Quickly rescue the direction of Jiang Luo Shen。
“Inad……”After landing,Snake knife skyrocket,Quickly smashed on a few soldiers。
Huge power actually puts his body.。
Summer quickly looked at Jiang Luo Shen next to it。
Jiang Luo Shen’s hand stands a fine sword,“These soldiers are not strong。”
Summer naturally also seen。
These soldiers are wearing armor outside,And the contour of the face also become clear。
“This is not a soldier!”
at this time,The voice of the Chushan River is completely。
Tight,He jumped up half,Directly on a head of the soldiers。
Just let everyone shocked,I’m not moving at once.。
“This is human cockroach!”
The Face of the Chushan River reveals an abnormal complicated expression,Big,“These are living people,Human,They have a beep in their body.,And it is the legendary concentricity,Don’t use the sword,Be close to,Shocking their heart part,As long as the power is penetrated into the heart, you can crack……Kings are nearby,Must find it,Just kill the king,Can completely resolutely hidden,Otherwise, those soldiers will be resurrected.。”
Live people?
King King?
A sentence of Chushan River,The amount of information is too big.。
But at this moment crisis,I don’t want to think too much.。
Collapse the snake knife in the summer,Steady,Continuous flashing figure,Survey the spear of the three soldiers。
Just after they follow,There are three major troops holding a shield.,Summer lightning is like a near。
Three punches,Fighfulness,Instantly bombards the heart part of the three soldiers。
Three soldiers are directly very powerful.,Continuously retreat。
“Hoe”One of the soldiers and three steps,Whole crack。
Not a state of stone fragmentation,There is no dust sand,More than flesh and blood,But a kind of……Just as if it turns into a broken pot,I am shattered.。
The second and third soldiers are in the exit period of five steps,Also fell to the ground,Broken。
In the dust that is raised,Summer sees three thumbnails size black bugs,Suddenly fly。
Summer pupil,Immediately want to shoot。
Obvious,This is the beep。