2015 NBA Lotto Lottery Timberwolves won the No. 1 pick Lakers list eyes 76ers

2015NBA Lotto Lottery Timberwolves won the No. 1 pick Lakers list eye 76ers
On May 20th, Beijing time, the 2015 NBA Lotto lottery drawing ceremony was officially held. The Minnesota Timberwolves won the No. 1 pick, while the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers received the No. 1 pick and the No. 1 pick.This year’s popular rookie this year’s lottery draw results are: 1, Timberwolves, 2, Lakers, 3, 76ers, 4, Knicks, 5, Magic, 6, Kings, 7, Nuggets, 8, Pistons, 9, Hornets, 10, Heat, 11, Pacers, 12, Jazz, 13, Sun, 14, Thunder.  Regarding this result, the most pleased is the Los Angeles Lakers, they not only kept the first-round draft pick, but also rose to second place.  As the saying goes, some people are happy and some are sad, and the most frustrated should be the New York Knicks.In the regular season, they only scored 17 wins and 65 losses and ranked the penultimate of the Eastern Conference. They have 19.With a 9% chance of winning the top pick, second only to the Timberwolves.But they only won the first round of No. 4 picks.  Also keeping the picks is the Miami Heat, because their picks are protected in the top 10 of the first round.If it falls to the 11th, 12th or 13th, this draft pick will have to be given to the Philadelphia 76ers.In the end, the Heat won the first round of No. 10 draft.  As the big winner of this year’s NBA lottery draw ceremony, the representative of the Timberwolves, team owner Glen Taylor said in an interview with excitement: (The Timberwolves won the number one pick) is an incredible luck.In this way, the Timberwolves have won the top spot for nearly three years.  The 2015 Draft will be held on June 26th, Beijing time.(Rosen)

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