”Oh oh,it is good,Listen to you,Do whatever you say。“

Shen Ruoxi hurriedly agreed,Before, Shen Ruoxue had to listen to Shen Ruoxi’s words,Different now,My sister is already a special force“Little head”Up,Shen Ruoxi can’t tell her anymore……But to maintain her prestige,Shen Ruoxi often listens to her instructions deliberately。
“sister,Sister Shanshan and you should get back to that car first,Xiaoyun drives this car,I stay in the car to look after Brother Yang Zhi。”
Shen Ruoxue made arrangements immediately,She is now the commander of everyone here,Everyone will obey her orders,What did she say,Everyone will do it naturally。
The convoy started to return to Haishang City。
“Do you hurt?”
Shen Ruoxue sat next to Yang Zhi,Seeing Yang Zhi always secretly watching himself,Although she is shy,But I still care about asking him。
“No pain no pain……I see you,I just forgot what hurts。”
Yang Zhi blurted out。
Molested with Qin Liang,Kidding different,Yang Zhi’s words are true words from the heart,And borrow him ten thousand courage,He didn’t dare to molest Shen Ruoxue。at this point,Shen Ruoxue knows very well。
“You are on the front line,Must be very hard?”
Shen Ruoxue started to talk。
Because I know Yang Zhi likes himself,So Shen Ruoxue used to avoid talking to Yang Zhi at home,But things are different now,Yang Zhi came back from the battlefield like this,Shen Ruoxue thinks she should treat him better,Be more concerned about him。
Yang Zhi didn’t speak,Just nodded,Shen Ruoxue spoke to him so tenderly for the first time,Ask him so concerned,Don’t want to make him excited,So I can’t even speak……
”You guys are amazing!Ten people can rescue hostages from thousands of people,And get their boss back together,Really amazing!“
Shen Ruoxue said admiringly,But then I remembered the four sacrificed special forces and Qin Liang, whose life or death was uncertain.,I feel down again in an instant。
“Oh……Mainly because the rebels were too careless,They probably thought they had so many people,No one dares to save people in their old den,We just hit them by surprise,Caught off guard,If they were prepared beforehand,Don’t talk about saving people,We can’t even get in……”
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