It’s a good thing whether to turn or not anyway,Each has it’s own benefits。

Fang Hao drank four coke in the end,When coming out,Swollen belly,Walking is not so convenient。
The taste of this Korean barbecue is also ok,Just a little,The meat is salty。
While eating,Fang Hao has some doubts whether the store is trying to make customers drink more water、The purpose of eating less meat,Deliberately marinated the meat so salty。
A two-liter bottle of Coke is six or seven yuan,You can kill people if you drink it,Much cheaper than pork belly。
If guests drink more water and eat less meat,The cost of the store will be much lower。
But he just couldn’t do what the store wanted,Want to induce him to drink more water,He doesn’t drink water。
Until the stomach can’t fit anymore,This is the connection and the gurgling4Glass of coke,Relieve the thirst caused by eating too salty。
That he didn’t dare to move too violently when he went out,Afraid of a sloshing,I opened my mouth and a coke came out。
When coming out,Time has come11More。
Until I reach Pinghu Park,I hit a few hiccups,Fang Hao’s belly is a little empty。
At Pinghu Park,Ye Wenwen went into the toilet again,When coming out again,The black thread on the leg is gone。
When the two returned to the community,It’s almost midnight。
But Fang Hao returned to the dormitory,I still found that two or three colleagues did not sleep,Playing with mobile phone。
8Individual dormitory,Just go in,A very solemn and complicated smell slammed over,Fang Hao, who got used to Ye Wenwen’s perfume this evening, is very uncomfortable。
Sitting on the bed,I thought of a question in my mind: