“The ear is good。”

He raised the tea cup and gently,Say,“At the time of Sansha City,I have already moved him.,He was originally dead.,But I inherited myself,So spare him once,Means of,His life,Also, my life,I don’t think I still owe myself.。”
“I also didn’t say that you owe us people.。”
The skin of the ear is equally in the same way,Seem serious,“So you come,I immediately http://www.pedtm.cn gone in the summer.。”
Shake the head,I don’t want to fight with him.,Turntable。
“I want to know where the good sound is,If you can tell me her drop,I will let you live more.。”
Sound is not high,The gesture is very high,With a faint contemining and overlooking。
Summer response,“Don’t say what you have been in the ear.,as far as I know,Half a year ago, you have left the ear.,Where did you go?,Where is she now?。”
“do not know。”
Summer voice is also cold to the extreme,Neither anger,I can’t see the color of humiliation on my face.,“She is about me to explore a few mysteries,Want to find the entrance to the long-lived road,Later, she left because of something.。”
Shake face,“You explore the entrance to the long life road?”
N’t it?”
Summer smiling,“Otherwise,What do I come to my ear?,What is the good sound to my ear?,Not because the ear home is related to the clue information of Changsheng Road。”
“cough,I can testify this。”
Head cough,Say,“Summer costs with a sword,Exchange those information,Just like the swear of the rock,We also give you information about Changsheng Road.。”
Light flashing,Nod,A deep breath,“She didn’t say anything else?”
“Not,After separating, I returned to my ear.。”
The face of the light is getting a bit ugly。
He is naturally impossible to believe in the summer.。
Important,Summer begins to explore the long life road……Let him feel a strong crisis。
If the good voice returns to the place,I want to catch it is difficult to get like it.。
So,He didn’t choose。
There is only one way。
Look at summer,Shake eyes emerging a faint murder。
Interrogate,Soon made decisions。
Slowly reach,Drink with a unquestionable voice,“Take!”
Summer double eyes,“What!”
“Respected ring。”
No expression of the light surface,Faint,“I have to save you,I also care about the person。
Give me the supreme ring,I http://www.takex-koganei.cn don’t kill you.!”
Immediately laugh。
“Do you think that’s possible?”
He gaze,Enthusiastic warfare,“I have never understood,Why do many people think that it is easy to kill me?,I am so bullied.?
When I kill the Jun,I have been thinking about one thing.,If it is desperate,,Can you pay with you?,This thought has been circulated in my mind.,Unfortunately, there is no chance to practice.。”